FOREWORD by Mrs Chinyere P. Almona

Having to write a foreword to this book is a real privilege.  As one of the elder sisters to the author, Engineer Abinye Nwankwo, I have seen him grow from a little lad to an enterprising and God-fearing Man. The book “CREATING YOUR SEASON OF ABUNDANCE“ is a book in due season, as it presents a tried and tested approach to managing your resources in such a way that you create abundance in and out of season. The message contained in this book is such an important message, which should be embraced and applied by everyone, particularly in these times when the world is recovering from the financial crises of a few years back.

Abinye has proved that he is a realistic and practical writer who not only knows his subject matter very well but lives that which is contained in this book. The story of his life is, and will continue to be, an inspiration to many young people today.

FOREWORD by Yehuwdah E. Chad-Umoren, Ph. D

When Samson’s imminent birth was prophesied by the angel, his parents did something I think every parent should do – they went to God to ask him how to train the child for him to fulfil his prophetic destiny (Judges 13).

Bro. Abinye Nwankwo in this book, Train Me, has provided both parents and prospective parents with clear Scriptural counsel that if applied, will enable their children fulfil divine purpose.

The title of the book is a rebuke of sorts and an indictment of parents – the child, to get our wavering attention, cries out, "Train Me!" as if we had been too busy with other things and negligent in the very important assignment of properly training the next generation! And if truth be told, many of us parents have been negligent. We are not giving our children sufficient attention, because we are so busy with so many other things.

FOREWORD by Kolade Segun Okeowo

The fact that drama has become a major weapon of evangelism available to the Church today is not in doubt. It will however be fool hardy for us not to recognize the fact that the same weapon is equally useful to the kingdom of hell.

These pieces of drama put together by Abinye Nwankwo brings out the power of this weapon of evangelism. Today, many students on the campuses are terribly guilty of the issues raised in these pieces of drama. The messages are straightforward, direct and devoid of the unnecessary preambles that make the average Christian drama boring and dry.

It is not difficult for me therefore to recommend this book to everyone especially believers on the campuses. Abinye Nwankwo has through the Holy Spirit succeeded in being able to mirror the lives of Christian brethren on campuses, denounce their weakness and highlight their strengths. The LORD has used his years of study on the campus to help him focus on those peculiar issues.